Digital Blackmore Vale June issue is out


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June’s digital BV is out!
(remember we’re *never printed*, the only place to read us is right here online). Top stories this month:

  • David Morgan DSC – you’ve probably seen his yellow Tiger Moth overhead, but we’re sharing his incredible story (p.4).
  • Barbara Cossins from and Rawston Farm Butchery & Shop has stepped up with an opinion piece on the new Australia Trade Deal (p.8)
  • Shaftesbury is pressing ahead with the pedestrianised high street – it’s not universally popular, though. (p.16)
  • Chef, Restaurateur, Forager and Writer Mat Follas of Bramble Restaurant Sherborne bravely stepped up for the Random 19 (p.60)- frankly he won us with his unashamed declaration of singing loudly to the Ting Tings.
  • the Reader’s Photography is genuinely amazing this month. So many great images. The adorable photobombing cover shot pigs was taken by Robyn Carter Art near Ibberto (p.80)
  • Our columnists are all in fine voice – Roger Guttridge has been sharing the story of Jack Counter, the Blandford Grocer’s boy who won the VC, and Andy Palmer is going to upset someone soon (though not Steeptonbill Farm Shop‘s Steve this month).
  • Karen at Amplify Nutritional Therapy is sharing the 8 Dietary Myths that just won’t die (p.88)
  • The Sherborne Business Awards announced their winners, a rather brilliant array of businesses showing off Sherborne’s thriving community.(p.93)

    Do pass us on – you can share the whole magazine, but most people hit the share button just for a particular article.


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