The 3 Hidden Benefitsof Getting Financial Advice


You know you’re in financial difficulties.
But the internet searches you’ve done have provided you with such contrasting advice that you are confused.
There are so many different choices and opinions.
How on earth can you decide who to turn to and help you out?


1 Try Local
Your searches may have taken you all over the country, but don’t you want a business that has a face to it?
Go to one that allows you to come into an office to talk privately and confidentially about your issues, or do this by video call.

2 Empathy
What has empathy got to do with debt?
You may feel totally embarrassed about your problem. So talking to a trained counsellor and someone who won’t make judgements about your financial difficulties will help.
Feedback has shown that sharing your problem can help and a solution for you can be found

Tough decisions may have to be made; but if you can make them in a collaborative way, this will give you peace of mind. By understanding your issues, in an empathetic way, it could mean that a weight will be lifted from your shoulders. You can sleep at night again.

3 Health Improvement
When you are searching for help on the internet, was there any information about the links between deteriorating physical and mental health and debt problems?
Whilst an insolvency practitioner cannot hand out medicines, just by listening and helping you, your stress levels can be reduced.

This can lead onto better sleep and so aid your recovery to full health. By not being and feeling alone you will feel more in control and back on the road to an even keel.

What is your next action?
To talk about your financial position, pick up the phone or email me – , pick up the phone and talk to me (Dorothy) on 01202 237337.
Perhaps come and find me on Facebook, or on Twitter

Make a list of who you owe money to, and we can arrange a time to meet and talk.

Know that help is at hand.

Dorothy Brown
Even Keel Financial Limited


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