Rabbits: No cuddles, more space, never alone … they’re not the pet you probably thought they were.


Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK and probably the most misunderstood. As prey animals they do not like to be picked up and cuddled, which means they are not a good starter pet for young children. 

A great deal of consideration should be given to getting rabbits as they are time consuming and costly, they need yearly vaccinating against Myxomatosis, vhd1 and vhd2. 

image courtesy of Rob Nolan – RPN Photography

They need Spaying or neutering and regular check ups by a rabbit savvy vet (as not all are). Two unneutered boys will fight when they reach maturity, and unspayed girls are highly susceptible  to uterine cancers.

Once you have got your rabbits, as they should never live alone. You have to give them a great deal of space to run and binkie about, the rabbit welfare society suggests a minimum 6ft hutch ( a shed is better as it gives more space and better value for money, usually better made as well). With access to a safe exercise area with lots of enrichment, as rabbits are highly intelligent and inquisitive animals , you and your pets will both benefit as the joy they will give you as you watch them is priceless. 

Our fluffy friends are bundles of poop ( about 300 a day ) so hutch hygiene is very important they need cleaning more that once a week, sometimes everyday especially in summer when flystike can be a killer. However it is possible to litter train some rabbits.

There are many places to get rabbits, breeders, pet shops, free on the internet! However the best place is a rescue, there are thousands of unwanted rabbits in rescues all over the country which will give you advice and support. Rabbits will have been health checked, vaccinated, neutered even bonding offered. So don’t support the pet trade ….. rescue.

by: Amanda Mullins @Angel rabbit rescue


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