The Blackmore Vale Valentine’s Day Messages

The past year has seen us rely on our loved ones in ways we have never done before. So in honour of St Valentine, we’re celebrating them (because frankly we think we all need a big virtual tight squeezy hug right now, in the absence of the real ones).

So we offered a proper old-fashioned local Valentine’s message board – and you didn’t disappoint. Nearly a hundred messages came flooding in – the warmth and affection palpable in every single one.

So let’s feel the love for a change, and spread some smiles across the Vale for Valentine’s Day. We’ve loved every one of them.
Feel free to add your message in the comments below, too – don’t miss this chance to say a public ‘thank you’, ‘love you’ or ‘miss you’ to those special people in your life.

The Valentine’s Messages start on page 22 of the February Blackmore Vale magazine, or you can see pictures of them all below.

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Blackmore Vale Valentine's messages page 2
Blackmore Vale Valentine's messages page 3
Blackmore Vale Valentine's messages page 4

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