FREE this month – send your Valentine a message!

Valentine’s Day is coming! And our February issue is going to be all about the love (because frankly we think we all need a big virtual tight squeezy hug right now, in the absence of the real ones).

So: we want to do a proper old-fashioned local paper Valentines message board. It’ll be fun! Totally free – just fill in your words and we’ll print them for your secret love to find.

Want M to know you think she’s wonderful every single day? Yes, do it!
Want to tell Shnookums you love his toes? Go for it!
Want to tell EF that with or without avocado you love his grumpy face more each day? Come on in!

Let’s feel the love for a change, and spread some smiles across the Vale for Valentines day.

Deadline is midnight Tuesday, so be quick – click here to fill in your message. Go go go:

*form now closed*
Happy to say we had very close to 100 messages submitted!
They’ll be published in the February issue, out on the 5th.

5 thoughts on “FREE this month – send your Valentine a message!

  1. Celia – You have been my Valentine and my best friend for over 40 years and you always will be.

    Love John

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