Lacey’s Letter to put a star on Blandford Hotel’s tree.


5yr old Lacey and her Mum live in Bryanston, and drive through Blandford every day; and every day Lacey noticed something was wrong. Crown Hotel Blandford has a beautiful Christmas tree – but she couldn’t understand why there was no star on top.

Lacey crown hotel star Blandford
Lacey impatiently waits outside the Crown Hotel’s Alpine Bar as the fire crew ready themselves to get the star on the tree.

So at her Granny’s suggestion, she sat down and wrote a letter to Mr Woodhouse, asking him why he had no star on the top of his tree? She felt the tree was sad without a star, and if one could be put up it would make everyone smile. She even offered to help out on the ladder if Mr Woodhouse wanted?

Lacey's letter crown hotel star, blandford
Lacey’s letter

“It took me all night, it was HARD WORK” Lacey admitted “But writing is nicer to get than typing”.

Here is the letter Lacey wrote:

Dear Mr Woodhouse

I love the Christmas tree at the Crown, it makes me smile because I love Christmas. I wonder if you can please put a star on the tree? I think that the tree must be sad not to have a star.

My teacher said that a star is guiding people to Jesus and that is what Christmas is all about.

I can help you climb a ladder and even put it up top if you like?

I hope Santa brings you a nice present – I hope he puts me on the nice list if I help people because I would like harry Potter Lego, but I might not have been good enough yet.

Anyway, please can we put a star on the Crown tree to make everyone smile and to cheer people up? I really want to make people happy at Christmas.

Please let me know what you think and if we can put a star on.

Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas,

Love from Lacey Mae C, age five-and-a-half.

Lacey with the fire crew putting up the star
Lacey and her Mum with the Blandford fire crew, ready with the new star for the Crown Hotel Christmas tree

She drew a beautifully decorated tree on her letter, using all of her colouring pens, and her mum Jennifer, an NHS Social Prescriber, helped her pop it into the postbox.

She was very excited when Mr Woodhouse promptly wrote back, agreeing that the tree was only half-dressed without a star, and promising to fix it straight away.

Lacey and mum watching Christmas star Blandford
Lacey and her Mum watch as the fire crew scale the tree to get the star right at the top.

“He drew me a tree too – though mine was a bit better. I don’t think he has many colouring pens on his desk” Lacey confided.

Lacey switching on Christmas lights Blandford
Dave, the Landlord of the Crown Hotel, assists Lacey in turning on the Christmas tree lights.

And tonight, with the help of DWFireRescue Blandford crew (it’s a VERY tall tree!), Lacey watched as a star was placed at the top of the Crown Hotel’s Christmas tree.She was then invited to turn on the lights by David Norton, landlord of the Crown, and see the tree shining with its star for the first time.

Lacey's star in Blandford at Crown Hotel
Lacey front and centre of the fire crew and the Hall & Woodhouse team who made it happen – Dave Norton the Landlord of the Crown Hotel is far right, and Anthony Woodhouse far left. And of course the Crown Hotel’s beautifully star-lit tree!


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