5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Black Friday Digital Marketing


I can’t write about digital marketing in November without talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
I know it’s unpopular with Indie businesses – but with November in our second lockdown, more
purchases will be made online in time for Christmas than ever before. Statistics show that Brits plan to
spend an estimated £6 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases this year*. Consumers save
their pennies, search out the best deals and stalk products they plan to buy, waiting for the best deals.

Joanne Dewberry

Black Friday falls on 27th November, and Cyber Monday on 30th , giving you plenty of time to organise your offers and deals:

1. Preparation is key: Prepare your offers/discounts in advance, ensure you have adequate stock and the levels are correct in your shop. Clear your diary as all you will be doing on Black Friday is promotion, keep
your campaign on track and be aware of the stock levels throughout the day.

2. Be specific: Instead of having an overall discount giving customers a huge range to choose from, place two or three items on offer. By limiting the offer you spark interest, while increasing FOMO (fear of missing out) and desire from potential customers. Have a specific deadline 24 hours, 48 hours, don’t leave it indefinite as you need the time to increase FOMO and induce need to buy now.

3. Start teasing customers: Don’t leave your Black Friday deals to the last minute. Start creating an interest in the products and your offers as soon as with carefully scripted hints and images. Let your customers know when and where these deals/offers will be available.

4. Use social media: Tag all your offers with #BlackFriday, Use countdowns and clear imagery – lifestyle shots work really well as potential customers can see how the products will fit into their life. Update on stock levels increasing FOMO, make it easy and obvious how to purchase from social media too.

5. Have something special for regular customers: Send a newsletter out to your regular customers with a
discount/offer just for them, this in turn makes them feel valued.

* https://www.finder.com/uk/black-friday-statistics

By Joanne Dewberryhttps://joannedewberry.co.uk/


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