Major office supplier Staples is the latest big name to list products designed and engineered by JPL Telecom in Sturminster Newton.


Major office supplier Staples is the latest big name to list products designed and engineered by JPL Telecom in Sturminster Newton.

Its innovative headset and webcam range are now available to customers from its stores and online presence in the UK and Europe.

Staples Europe has also signed a partnership agreement with JPL Telecom to resell the JPL headset product line including its webcam, known as the JPL Vision+.

Staples Netherlands has added JPL to its Staples Advantage portal which is being extended into Poland, Nordics, Germany, and Portugal.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the massive global shift towards home working and home learning led to a huge spike in demand for USB headsets.

It proved challenging for Staples because major headset vendors experienced large order backlogs.

Ross Barker, Technology Category Manager at Staples, said: “Demand exceeded supply and as we needed to explore alternative solutions we contacted our Nimans’ Account Manager, Rory Heard.

“Nimans is the largest next-day delivery distributor of telecoms and data equipment.

“Rory suggested JPL Telecom, which had recently adapted one of its popular headsets with a USB connection.

“After an initial trial, we were happy to present the headsets to our customers.

“The feedback has been excellent and JPL Telecom has kept supply routes open during the past difficult months, which has led to the brand being named one of our ‘reliable and trusted vendors’.”

James Clarke, CEO, JPL Telecom said: “We are delighted to welcome Staples as a Strategic Partner in association with Nimans and we are gearing up our efforts in Europe for further growth and brand awareness.

James Clarke

“Staples Europe are ambitious to offer solutions for their customers and we delighted to be part of the Staples solutions portfolio.”

Pete Wilson, Sales Manager at JPL Telecom, added: “Audio, vision and voice solutions are at the heart of our range.

“Therefore, to have an office supply giant such as Staples actively selling our products is fantastic and a great achievement to all involved.”

By: Andrew Diprose Dorset Biz News


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