Share with us your Lockdown Survival Secret.


I’m sure we’re all watching the news with all fingers and toes crossed that we’re not looking down the barrel of another major lockdown at some point in the coming months.
But no matter what happens nationally, I think we can all acknowledge that it’s not going to be a sociable winter, by any means.
We may not be banned from leaving our homes, but we are all clearly facing severe restrictions upon our social lives – and we’re all figuring out how to make that work for us.

But this time, we’re forewarned, aren’t we? We’ve already been round this merry-go-round once – so if we’re going to do it again (and this time in rubbish British winter weather too!), let’s go into it with our eyes open, and with a pack of yeast at the ready…

So we want your wisdom.

Last month we collected your COVID thank yous – and it was the most read part of the magazine, with thousands of people reading every single one, sharing individual messages across social media and spreading the simple heartwarming kindness of people.

So we thought why not do it again – only this time we don’t want your nominations, we want your 2020 learned wisdom.
We want to know what has really helped you this year.
Did you take up a new hobby – or actually was it dropping one that eased your mind? Did you find joy in Zooming with your friends? Or did you find a walk every day soothed your soul? Did you take on a new course, start a new exercise class, or were you one of the thousands who finally got a dog?

So – use the form below to share your tips. We’ll print as many as we possibly can, and of course there’s an option to remain anonymous if you wish. The point is we’re a community; so let’s share our collective learning this year – if something you have done or learned or shared could help just one other person in a lonely hour, then it’s worth it, isn’t it?
(and make sure you’re subscribed so that you get a copy of the magazine next Friday!)

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