Issue ONE is out now!


The very first issue of The Blackmore Vale is now published!

You can now access it instantly below:

*exhausted excitement reigns*

We have filled the first three pages with all your COVID Thank You messages – they’re rather wonderful, do take the time to read them all. 

Can we both just thank all of those who have expressed their support and encouragement – this seemed like such a great idea back in August, but it is honestly only the strength of enthusiasm and encouragement (and help) from total strangers that  has ensured it has come to fruition.

BIGGEST thanks must go to Andy Palmer who was an 11th hour wingman of utter magnificence. Further cakes of gratitude must go to the lovely Roger Guttridge, the intimidatingly wonderful Fanny Charles & Gay Pirrie-Weir, and to late-night Andrew Diprose. Not to mention the last-minute whirlwind that was Brigit Strawbridge, or the utterly AMAZING award hatched with Alice Plunkett.

We hope we have kept the spirit of the best of a local newspaper, in this very modern format. Every link is clickable (including telephone numbers if you’re reading on your phone). Do pinch and zoom the pages, and you can flip back and forth as you wish.

We know, the Classifieds section is a little… bijou this month (don’t miss the car page) – but now you know we’re here we expect them to grow to what they once were.

We’d also love a ‘letters’ page, so do go ahead and write to us. Be kind!

Okay. Here we go. *deep breath*.

See what you think of The Blackmore Vale.

Best wishes – and see you next month!

Laura & Courtenay


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