The monthly Sturminster Newton Car and Bike Enthusiasts meeting

The monthly Sturminster Newton Car and Bike Enthusiasts meeting was held on 5th September.  This event has gradually grown over the two years it has been running.  It started with between 8 and 10 cars and bikes, but over 30 owners came to Sturminster Newton with their vehicles.

It’s a challenge running an event like this safely in the current COVID environment. We ran this event mostly on the main car park, given the growing numbers, with kind permission of Dorset Council.  We were limited to 30 attendees in a cordoned area to meet government restrictions.  Another 10 owners visited the town and parked in the rest of the car park.  We strictly followed Social Distancing and had a track and trace process in place to minimise risk.

Not only was this Sturminster Newton Car and Bike meet one of the best events we’ve had so far;  the variety of vehicles was the best so far too.  The atmosphere was really friendly and enjoyable.  As well as being interesting for the attendees, it met our objective to bring more people into the town to help our local businesses.

Sturminster Newton Car and Bike meet Sept 2020

We had vehicles from the 1920s up to the latest. We had a wonderful completely renovated Imprezza, a rare 412 Ferrari, a very rare Citroen SM, Oxford, Laguna and beautiful Jaguars, Alvis and several MGs. There were too many stunning and interesting vehicles to mention here, but it was certainly a car and bike enthusiasts’s dream!!

The latest government laws regarding the size of outdoor gathering means we may not be able to run in October – it’s usually run on the first Saturday every month.  

images courtesy of Steve Tarrant

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