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We’ve naturally been getting a lot of questions. So, here’s where we are: We’re the fresh, new, independent magazine for the Blackmore Vale. No financial backers, no ties, it’s just us – and in the greatest tradition and best spirit of Alan & Ingrid Chalcraft’s original BVM, we’re a husband and wife team! We’ve lived in the Vale for almost thirty years, and we’re raising our four children here.

With the death of the old paper version of the BVM, we saw an amazing opportunity for a new kind of Blackmore Vale magazine – of course we all still need and want a local news source. But instead of reviving the same old practices & methods, we have a real opportunity to enhance the local community in a modern, connected, environmentally friendly (and global-pandemic-proof!) way.

Why reboot the old, when we can upgrade the services that were previously ‘the norm’? We can improve on old practices, shake up the system, and we can make something new and exciting that can really work for a busy modern life.

modern family reading the new blackmore vale magazine online

UK national newspaper sales have slumped by two-thirds in 20 years – 90% of us consume news online now. So why would a geographically widespread rural community not make the most of the tech opportunity to do the same?

No need to go out and find your copy, wondering if it’s actually been delivered yet, or if the Post Office is still open or if the butcher’s will still have one. Our free digital magazine will arrive in EVERY subscriber’s inbox on the day of publication. You’ll read it on your tablet, smartphone, or computer; you’ll swish the pages just like a magazine, zooming in on the pictures, sharing articles with friends or family with a couple of taps, and you’ll have the ability to click right through to advertisers, order products or watch videos.

We’re the new Blackmore Vale news provider , with hyper local community news, events, businesses and more. Fully interactive and obviously always free to readers.

To subscribe, click here and you’ll never miss an issue.

And if you’re interested, you can see a few year’s worth of old issues of the original BVM on Magzter here.


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